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What a great teaching day. We did a project together about Peace (for “Project Global Peace”) and what it means for Morrocan students.

They loved our iEarn Hands for Peace Banner and were eager to be in a picture with the banner!

Students also make Peace posters for our Alaskan students. They were so happy to share PEACE with Alaska.

Students are hard at work drawing about Peace, and I can’t wait to show what they made.

Lots of students were interested in the peace dove and what it means to them.

It was a great day of love, peace, connectedness, and new friendships. When I return to Alaska, we will connect over skype with classes that meet at 9:15 (Schewe’s, Johnson’s, and Helms’s). Morrocan students are excited to “meet” Alaskan students.

Some students asked what the outside of the school looked like. The schools are all enclosed in concrete around them so that cars don’t just drive through, and to keep kids safe.

This is the beautiful outside of their school! The murals are so pretty.

Here is what the outside of a preschool (ages 3-6) look like.

Regular school starts at 1st grade and is called “primary” school (grades 1-6). This is the outside of one, and we will visit one on Friday for more exploration.

I have become really interested in the variety of teacher’s mailboxes at the different schools. See this one!

It’s amazing how inviting, caring, respectful, and happy the Morrocan students have been!