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Tribes on the Edge Skype

Sometimes in life we are blown away by what we didn’t know but have the privilege to learn about. This week we got a chance to Skype with Adventure Sports Photographer, Michael Clark, ( who captured images for Celine Cousteau’s incredible film project.

Learning about minimally contacted tribes in Brazil, their life, and their plea for help, through pictures, stories, and videos, was so powerful for these students! When the documentary is final and released, it will be life altering.

This tribe below is the most war like. They are the Jaguar tribe. If you look close, you can see how they simulate Jaguars in their bodies.

Students were fascinated by the animals of the Amazon, especially the “pets”. One tribe has poison dart frogs as pets so they can use the poison on the tip of their darts for hunting. 

We were fascinated by the idea of living without money and how some tribes send a representative to the government to ask for assistance, by means of supplies. This one particular tribe was given board shorts and flip-flops for the villagers.

Students learned that Piranahs taste good, don’t attack humans unless they smell blood, and actually eat other fish. Here is a string of them below.

This group of six grade girls stayed longer to learn more, ask more questions, and see more of Michael Clark’s adventure photography. This picture below is of a village chief and his hut. 

The inside of the village chief’s hut looked amazing!

We are all eagerly awaiting the release of this amazing project. To get a sneak peek was such a treasure. Thank you Michael Clark!