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The love of Peace is so contagious. From Pakistan to Alaska to Morocco, back to Alaska, students share and spread peace, as globally connected citizens.

Through iEarn, International Education and Resource Network, we got to be a part of Global Hands for Peace. Our first school partner in Pakistan, created a Hands for Peace banner and sent it to us, which we have on display at our school.

Meanwhile, eagerly waiting for our banner, we created one for them.

We also took it one step further and created a Hands for Peace Mannequin Challenge and posted it on YouTube. Check it out, “Global Hands for Peace Mannequin Challenge”

When they got our banner, students were excited! They took pictures with our banner we sent!

We thought, why stop there, took it another step further, and decided to create a Global Hands for Peace banner for Ms. Carton to bring to share with the students in Morocco. 

They really enjoyed the Global Hands for Peace banner and Project Global Peace video, and art, created by Alaskan students.

Students at the English school were even inspired by the Alaskan students’ peace art and banner and created amazing peace posters to send back to Alaska!


As we traveled south to Agadir, the Moroccan Global Hands for Peace banner made it to it’s final home, Essafa High School. Students felt heart warmed that Alaskan students created this for them.

This group of students were REALLY excited about the Global Hands for Peace project brought to them….

Moroccan students wanted to talk about Peace and share what it means to them. They created Peace art to travel back to Alaska.

In the end, the idea of Global Peace became full circle as Moroccan students created a Global Hands for Peace banner for Alaskan students. 

The process of painting the hands was quite new:

We washed hands and brushes in a bucket right outside the classroom.

In the end, everybody was quite excited with the final results. The banners hung side by side, connecting morocco to Alaska through the ideas of peace.

Our painters were proud of their final banner.

Then we celebrated with Tea and cakes.

I’m so proud that this week, almost two months later, I get to present the Global Peace banner and Moroccan artwork, to Alaskan students!