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As I leave Alaska, I am thinking about all the questions my students have about life in Morocco. At the same time I think about all those parts of life we get used to being “normal”. I look forward to seeing what normal looks like in Alaska and showcasing how that may or may not be similar in Morocco.

Students wanted to know about: life outside of school, what school is like, what popular culture is like, what the climate and weather is like, what music, sports, art, and entertainment of Morocco is like. There were some specific questions too:

  • Why do they sell/have wooden shoes?
  • Why do men wear pants underneath robes and why do men have headwear?
  • Why do the country/village people wear clothing that has a lot of patterns?
  • Why do people eat dinner 9 at night?
  • What do Moroccan people do for fun on the weekends and what are some traditions?
  • Why do women have to be covered up? What do the people think of Nike creating sports hijabs?
  • Why are the walls of the souk so high up? Why are triangles and circles so common in shops, objects, and architecture?
  • What are muslim people known for?
  • How do Moroccan people see Americans? What is their definition of peace?
  • What is being done for conservation and in order to help the planet and “be green”?
  • What other animals are in Morocco? Why isn’t there a lot about the animals available on line?

Can you think of any more questions you would like to find out? Post in the commons below. Make sure your question makes sense (ask one person to read your question to see).