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On Friday, our host teacher’s family had a fabulous surprise for Nell and I….we took a walk and arrived at a shop…A WEDDING SHOP! We were prepared (it is a long process) in 3 of the 5-8 stages of wedding dresses. Often the dresses are rented from a wedding planner in a shop such as the one we were in.

This was such a highlight of our trip.
The headwear made me feel elegant, makes great sounds, and is quite a process to place. Loved it! I felt so special, and I wasn’t even getting married.

This is the traditional Berber wedding dress:

The next dress, traditional Arabic wedding gown, had several layers, was quite heavy, but oh so beautiful! The jewelry is exquisitely elegant.

I felt like a queen!

I never wear heels, but these shoes were comfy and so cute!

This last dress was a traditional Sahara (southern Morocco) wedding dress:

Here are some other pictures of the wedding dresses we found in the Souk.

Beauty, elegance, and tradition are such a key feature in Moroccan weddings. The wedding is self last from three days to two weeks, and often includes hundreds of people, to celebrate the union.