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I was so nervous to interact with Moroccan high school students, worrying what they would think of me, would they treat me funny, would they turn away from me, would I be “cool” or interesting enough for them. I can imagine that is exactly what it’s like to be in a country, or any environment,ย that is new to you!

They instantly were kind, caring, smiling, and completely interested in talking with us!

A few things about the students in Morocco: ย they love to take selfies, they really like my tattoos, they love to talk about what they want to do after high school, many are interested in becoming doctors, lawyers, and engineers, they care a lot about their education, and they really like to laugh! Here are some pictures:

A few things about Moroccan schools in Rabat:

*The students have to work really hard to pass the tests, which is what they have to do to be successful in life and graduate.

*They aren’t allowed to have outsiders come in unless they go through an extensive process.

*Classrooms are quite plain with the walls often drawn upon, and the school itself is set up like an American college campus. Teachers write on a chalkboard!

*High school is grades 10 through 12 and is only for those motivated students (others drop out before).

*There is no room in the schedule, or money in the budget, for arts, music, or PE, and classrooms often have up to 45 students.

*A few schools have clubs that include music and theatre, and these students love it!

*Lots of students in Rabat, the capital, do sports outside of school.