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Having the opportunity to be inside an elementary school, although a private school, gave a great perspective as to the diversity in schools.

Alaskan students have been asking a lot about what elementary schools look like in Morocco. This is just one example but a great one indeed.

There were lots of colors and lots of excitement. Students prepared us some great questions and we even got a music performance.

I found this pencil holder which was made at school out of recycled materials.

This is the courtyard that all the classrooms are based around. It looks like it’s inside, but it is actually outside open air. The kindergarten and first grade classrooms are on the first floor, the second through 6th grade grade classrooms are on the second floor, and the middle school and library are on the top floor. There are about 1000 students total at the school (if I remember correctly).

Every morning students are in lines in the courtyard to do the country anthem, which is a song.

Here we have a fabulous artist and teacher painting the inside of the classroom, who also did some of the painting on the outside walls. Bright colors and fun pictures are so inviting for children.

Classroom students were so welcoming as we went around school. A lot of the desks looked like this. While the classrooms were smaller than ours in the Alaska classroom, they were bright, cheery, and full of learning.

This classroom was so bright and the students were so excited to meet us.

As students learned a new letter, a circle went up on the wall to add to the Catapillar. While the letters look English, they were actually learning French.

Lots of pictures were used in order for students to learn the words and language for lots of things, including animals.

Just like our youngest classes in Alaska, students use objects in order to learn.

This is a kindergarten student (kindergarten in Morocco is any student between 3-5).

I even got a lesson on the beginning stages of learning Arabic.

Here are some workbooks as students were working on math.

Here is the money students learn about in school, just like our students do. Each time there is a new king, they make new money. The face on this money is the current king.

This math lesson is taught in French.

This is the area where teachers store materials. Students rotate classes to take different subjects in different languages, therefore starting in second grade students don’t stay in one room all day.

These 6th grade students were having a party to celebrate the last day of school before spring break.

The middle School students put on an amazing music performance for us that was written and conducted by their music teacher.

There were so many more things I wanted to capture on camera, but by then my phone had died and I had to simply enjoy the experience. We ended our day with a question about American schools and life session with the middle school students (7-9th grade). They asked amazing questions on the conversations was great.

This was a fantastic experience.