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Last night we got a chance to go to the top of the mountain by the Kasbah, which are the old ruins of what is left of Agadir before the earthquake. This first Picture is the view of Agadir at night. It was quite windy!

This is the Kasbah! What is left of the original city, and the notches on the top are where the military men stood to protect the city from intruders in a time of conflict.

There were camels there to meet us and even ride. I wasn’t going to, but I remember how much students wanted me too, I am so glad you encouraged me to do so! Branching out of my comfort zone is an awesome experience and I encourage you all to do the same!

This is Mustafa. She is considered a baby and is 6 years old and stands 6 feet tall.

Mustafa loves to give kisses:

This is Mustafa’s owner and they have a great relationship:

Here, our host teacher friend, Youssef, my co teacher, Nell, and I are all enjoying our dear camel friend!

Everyone needs a camel selfie!!

And a miniature horse selfie!