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This March (2018), we had the privilege to connect with children’s book author and inspiration, Lisa Thompson, We not only learned her story, process, and inspirations behind her books, but also got a unique opportunity to learn WITH her as our Global Professional Teacher.

Many of us shared honestly that writing is not something we feel good at or feel excited to do. At the same time, many of us shared that if we felt like we were good at it, we would enjoy doing it and want to do it more. Ms. Thompson was very understanding and wanted to help us reach a new perspective.

Having the chance to share and talk WITH someone who is an expert in the field made us feel like our ideas mattered and that we have every chance to all be storytellers and writers, by looking around us for inspiration. Our librarian and global educator feels it’s important our potential is nurtured; global education allows us to do that by video conferencing with experts in every field. We become carriers of valuable information which makes up feel important. Lisa Thompson cared enough to listen to us and ask our input.

We got an opportunity to share funny things in life we have experienced, and cataloged our ideas in a visual graphic to hopefully inspire us in the future.

We even became inspired to share our ideas for writing, with each other, circulating the room to talk with our peers about what we wrote. We created unique characters, and since many of us are fans of non-fiction, we discovered how it can be intertwined with fiction writing. We were even inspired to believe that even if we don’t like writing fiction, we are still creative writers.

One student even shared an experience where he was busy playing video games and his dog got mad at him and peed on him. In this session, we laughed, thought, squirmed, wrote, and potentially became writers in the making! This is what Global Education is all about!

Watch our video to catch all the highlights and see the power of this authentic learning journey with Lisa Thompson, to whom we are super grateful!