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So I finally got to visit an elementary school and do some activities in the library with students. While the library is quite small in comparison to our Tudor Elementary Library, it is quite impressive, as books can be found in Arabic English and French. Spending time with students in the library was lots of fun!

Instead of students having library cards, there is a card for every book in the library and the students name goes on the card when they check it out.

I wrote a message in the book that we were donating to the school so that they can always remember Alaska.

Moroccan students really like the pictures that Alaskan students made for them and we’re happy to make pictures in return.

These teachers are fabulous, exciting, kind, and looking forward to connecting their  students with Alaskan students.

Here are some students working on their art: 

I had such a great time at the school that I didn’t want to leave. The students were so lovely to work with. I hope indeed to come back someday soon!