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Global Citizen

Global Resources

Global Curriculum is being developed for Alaskan educators, librarians, and students. The Google + Collections link will guide you to empowerment resources, book titles, global projects, and a plethora of ways to embark on global education. Here are just a few to get you started. More to come, with links to other already developed resources on their way.

Resources for Teaching about Global Citizenship

Global Education Starters Guide: Find projects, lessons, units, and other resources for becoming global citizens including lessons and units. View Guide.

Books for Global Citizenship

Books and literature are a great way to connect students to global themes and concepts in the development of global citizens.

Learn to write well

Watch Becoming Writers through Global Education to be inspired to make learning come alive in your environment. To connect your students to authors and writers around the world, contact me for assistance! Happy Global Learning!

Global Leaders Inspire Us

As Young Global Citizens, we identify those leaders who inspire us to think passionately about the world, advocate for equality in the world, and are creating great changes in the world.

You will be amazed by what we can come up with when we explore and learn about the world around us. Not only do we become inspired but we find out what makes awesome people successful. Check this out here.